How to Network at IFPG Retreat 2018!

How to Network at IFPG Retreat 2018!

You are all signed up for IFPG Retreat 2018…GREAT! Our goal is to help you build relationships, establish new friendships and have a great time while doing it. We have put together some tips to get the most out of your networking experience at IFPG Retreat 2018 in Hollywood FL.


Before You Arrive in Paradise

Research the Attendees
IFPG Consultants, the exhibitor list is updated weekly HERE.  Take some time researching the IFPG Franchisors and Vendors that are attending and formulate some questions for them.  Remember our speed networking runs in ten minute increments, so if you have questions prepared, you can maximize your time with each of them.

Exhibitors make use of your IFPG Membersite’s local chapter! Send a message to others in your area and see if they are attending the event too. This is a great way to start a conversation and begin building rapport before you even walk into the Margaritaville!

During IFPG Retreat 2018

Introduce Yourself
From the moment you walk into the Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort, you have a chance to make a personal connection. Whether it’s the person in front of you at the hotel check in or someone with whom you’re riding the elevator, be friendly and introduce yourself. Chances are if they are at the resort, they are attending IFPG Retreat. Keep your introduction short and sweet, make eye contact, smile and give them a firm handshake.  Invite them to have a drink with you at the welcome party…drinks are on us anyway!

To be good at networking; you have to be a good listener. When you ask a question you want to focus on their answers and not get distracted by the others all around you. Remember networking is a great way to get to know someone and be able to connect on a personal level. So sit back, listen and enjoy the conversation. People are more likely to want to work with others that they feel connected to.


Play Along!
Every event at IFPG Retreat is designed for maximum interaction. Play our welcome party game…it’s a secret. Wear your lanyard and take a look on the back! You will find your seating assignments for meals (IFPG Consultants your starting tables for speed networking sessions are on there as well).  Make sure you join us on the Grand Floridian for dinner on Oct 24th, the vibe is even more laid back and you can truly take your time talking to everyone, especially if your 3 hour tour runs a little longer than expected. 🙂


Take Notes Appropriately
Our goal is that at some point at IFPG Retreat you will get to meet every single attendee. So, chances are, you will not remember the details of every single conversation you have.  It can be extremely helpful to write down some notes. After each event, take a minute and look at the business cards you have exchanged. Write down what event you met them at and what you can remember about the conversations you had. This will make following up with them after, much easier. Unless you are meeting them during speed networking, DO NOT write notes while they are talking.


What’s Next?

Stay Awhile
Our main event ends after lunch on October 25th, but the party continues! Join the staff of the IFPG at the 5 o’Clock somewhere Bar and Grill, directly across from the Margaritaville Resort, for a fun game of corn hole and maybe some paddle boarding.

Whether you’re on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram use the power of social media to connect with attendees you met and let everyone know that #IFPG2018 was the best event you ever attended!


Space Is Filling Quickly! 

Contact: Kim Graham
1.888.977.4374 x110





IFPG Retreat 2018: Everything You Want to Know

IFPG Retreat 2018: Everything You Want to Know

The hard work is beginning behind the scenes to bring you the best event you’ve ever attended. Whether this will be your first event you joined us last year, we hope you walk away energized, inspired and ready to take your business to the next level.

To help prepare you for IFPG Retreat 2018 or help you finally pull the trigger and get in your registration form, I am going to answer all of the questions you have.

Let’s go!

ifpg exhibitors

What Is IFPG Retreat?
IFPG Retreat is our unique approach to the traditional conference.  Designed for maximum interaction, IFPG Retreat involves every attendee from beginning to end.

No Classrooms . No Breakout Sessions. No Conference Setups. No Hassle.

Centered on speed networking and building relationships, IFPG Retreat is the can’t miss industry event.

Why Is IFPG Retreat Different?
More Face to Face TIme – 
Every event from opening until the final lunch is designed for maximum face to face interaction. It is our job to ensure that you meet as many attendees as possible.

IFPG RETREAT is about YOU– Forget waiting around with nothing to do.
This event involves EVERYONE from beginning to end.

We Foucus on Building Long Lasting Realtionships – Our events are designed to help you get to know each other a little better.   The relationships made at IFPG Retreat 2017 carried on long after Retreat ended.


Where Is This Years’ Retreat?
With its laid back vibe, stunning views and unique event spaces, we are heading back to the beach!

Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort
1111 N. Ocean Drive, Hollywood, FL.

What Days Do I Block Off My Calendar?
Our Three Day event runs from Tuesday, October 23 to Thursday, October 25.

OCTOBER 23– Hotel check in is at 3 pm, but feel free to come use the pool beforehand!  Registration opens at 11 am. Main events kick off at 6 pm with a rooftop welcome party. Cross your fingers for no rain this year – But don’t worry; if we are moved indoors due to inclement weather, the event space still has stunning ocean views.  We will be serving light fare….and there is an OPEN BAR!

October 24 – This day is JAM packed, so make sure you tuck away your phones and have someone NOT lucky enough to attend back in the office handle your calls! We start with breakfast at 8:30 am and move into our main speed networking event. Lunch and a keynote speaker to follow and on to speed networking session 2! But we aren’t done just yet, go make yourself pretty (or handsome) and join us for our dinner cruise at 6:30 pm. We dock right across the street, so getting there is a quick 1 minute walk to the boat.  We expect to return from the cruise at 11pm, but if you were with us last year, what we expect and what could happen are two different things! We do have a brand new yacht this year, which means a new boat captain, so we like our chances.

October 25 – Breakfast is served bright and early at 8 am. The main events end at 2 pm and lunch will be served. If you want to hang out with the IFPG staff instead of flying out immediately after the retreat ends, we would love to have you. Look for an invite to our after party!

I Am All Signed Up Already! What Do I Bring With Me?
IFPG Consultants– Bring only your suitcase and maybe a business card or 200.

IFPG Franchisors and Vendors– We provide you with most of what you need. This event is centered on forming new relationships and strengthening existing ones. You want to IFPG Consultants to get to know YOU, after all, you represent your brand.
You will be provided with a 36 inch round table, a table cloth and your logo prominently displayed at the table.

DO: Bring tons of business cards
DO: Bring a One Sheet
DO: Bring brochures
DO: Bring any small items you would like

Don’t: Bring a banner
Don’t: Bring a traditional “conference” set up
Don’t: Bring a tablecloth

What Should I Pack In My Suitcase?
We recommend resort casual attire. For women we suggest a blouse with a nice pair of pants or skirt.  A casual dress or sundress is also acceptable. Men could wear a button down shirt or polo shirt paired with khakis or other quality pants. Jackets and sport coats are not needed.
Expect mid to high 80’s during the day with lows in the mid 70’s at night. However, we will be in a ballroom for the majority of day 2 events. We do recommend a light sweater or jacket.

How Do I Book My Hotel Room?
Email Rachel Castellano at for information on how to receive the group rate for IFPG.

What Airport Should I Use?
Hollywood, Florida is ideally located between two major international airports.

We Will See you in Paradise!


Contact: Kim Graham
1.888.977.4374 x110





Top Five Reasons Not to Miss the IFPG Retreat.

Top Five Reasons Not to Miss the IFPG Retreat.

Planning is Underway for the IFPG Retreat 2018!  Registration is open and space is filling up quickly.

Everyone who attended Retreat 2017 walked away knowing each other on a different level. The things we learned, the laughs shared and the friendships made are just some of the reasons you DO NOT want to miss IFPG Retreat 2018. You may be asking: Why is this event so different?


Our Format
IFPG Retreat involves everyone from beginning to end! Each event is created to maximize interaction. While speed networking is the star of the show, all of our activities from morning to night put you in front of someone new. There are no “classroom” sessions, so everyone is together the ENTIRE time.



Our Location
We are going back to the beach! Sitting in the same building at the same desk can keep anyone from fresh thinking and new ideas. Taking a break from your day-to-day responsibilities to attend IFPG Retreat allows for a change of scenery where developing new ideas to expose your brand and make connections is encouraged.The Margaritaville Beach Resort in Hollywood, FL was the perfect choice.  With its laid back vibe, beautiful scenery and amazing staff, how could we not return?



We Focus on Connections
Say goodbye to the “stuffy” conferences you are used to. We actually focus on what matters – connections. Have conversations, tell success stories, and allow people to get to know YOU. Sales is ALL about personal connections and IFPG Retreat works hard to facilitate those all-important relationships.



We Make Things Easy

Stop dragging banners and bags through the airport. Stop spending hundreds of dollars shipping items to the hotel. We take care of everything. If you are an exhibitor, you need only bring your business cards and “one sheet”. We set up your tables and provide the tablecloths and signage. This leaves everyone on a level playing field, letting your personality and concept shine through.



We Have Fun!
From our welcome party game to our long ride down the Intercoastal and everything in-between, every single attendee last year left IFPG Retreat with a huge smile. This year we have even more fun in store: New games, new ways to interact, a new boat, and better yet a new boat captain! You’ll have to attend to see all of the things we have planned.




For more details and registration information contact Kim Graham at 1-888-977-4374 EXT 110 or

OCTOBER 23 – 25, 2018




Save the Date for IFPG Retreat 2018!

October 23rd-25th 2018 IFPG is going back to the beach!

IFPG Retreat 2017 was a SMASHING success, and I am not just talking about the boat!
This is your chance to be part of a franchise industry event like no other. We have taken the boring out of the traditional conference and kept what works. Our Retreat is jam packed with the thing that matters most making connections!

Take a look at what some of the 2017 attendees had to say:

“The IFPG Retreat was the best event ever. We had a great time with all the IFPG Consultants. Thank you for such a fantastic retreat!”
Marcos Moura Amada Senior Care

“IFPG hit it out of the park. The IFPG Retreat was the best organized event with a very different and welcomed atmosphere, complete with an exceptional positive vibe enjoyed by consultants, franchisors, and vendors alike.  IFPG delivered an unusual new business intimacy that produced fantastic new dialogue among all attendees, such as the round-table discussions and one-on-one consultant/franchisor/vendor presentations, and yes, an over-the-top party cruise!I was amazed at how everyone seemed more engaged and sharing information, ideas, suggestions, and offering help and assistance to make IFPG the standout group in our industry!”
Bill King IFPG Contributing Member

“Thank you IFPG for a great event! I was not sure what to expect being our first one, but we are already looking forward to next years IFPG Retreat. Speed dating, round tables, dinner cruise, everything had a purpose and was executed flawlessly.”
Aaron Slattery Spaulding Decon

Don’t miss the boat this year!

Contact Kim Graham at 888-977-4374 x110 or for more information or to reserve your spot today!

Debra Fine to be keynote speaker at IFPG Retreat 2017

All sales start with a simple conversation. Whether you are a franchisor selling your brand or a consultant or vendor selling your services, mastering “The Fine Art of Small Talk” is imperative to your business.

Enter Debra Fine.

Debra is a keynote speaker, corporate trainer, and bestselling author whose education and previous career as an engineer inspired programs focused on conversation skills, business networking techniques and rapport building tools to develop relationships. Debra is a 20+ year member of the National Speakers Association presenting to audiences around the world that include Google, Deloitte, the National Association of Electronic Distributors, Hyatt Hotels and Proctor and Gamble. Her bestselling first book The Fine Art of Small Talk was joined by her second in the Fine Art series: The Fine Art of the Big Talk along with her recently released: Beyond Texting: The Fine Art of Face to Face Communication for Teenagers, all published and translated in over two dozen countries. A regular Huffington Post blogger, Debra’s recent media appearances include The Today Show, The Early Show, NPR Morning Edition, Fox Business News and CNN.

In her keynote, “The Fine Art of Small Talk”, all attendees will learn how to build business relationships one conversation at a time.

We knew instantly that Debra was the perfect fit to perpetuate our vision for IFPG Retreat 2017. We are confident you will walk away with tools to help you build better relationships, in turn closing more deals and making more money.

Don’t miss this chance to learn from one of the top conversation and business networking experts. Limited spaces still available! Register now!

Top 5 Reasons to Attend IFPG Retreat 2017

    1. Networking Opportunities

      Don’t miss the opportunity to mix and mingle, form new relationships, and strengthen existing ones. During our fun events, you may make a connection with the perfect franchise for your client, sit next to someone who can become your mentor, or find the perfect vendors to help your existing clients.

      Or, if you don’t go, maybe your toughest competitor will be sitting in your seat.


    1. No Classrooms!

      You are finally able to attend and event where you aren’t talked at for hours on end. We took the boring out of conferences and kept what works. Our event is centered on speed dating, roundtable discussions and a Keynote Speaker who will drive home our event’s mission.

      You will leave knowing EVERYONE better, not just the people at the front of the room.


    1. Get Energized and Focused

      Sometimes you have to take a break from the “work” of your work to sharpen your skills. Return from the Retreatwith new ideas and approaches that can make you more effective at your business.

      There is nothing like being with other like-minded people, who are willing to take time away from the office to learn something new.


    1. Location, Location. Location

      Running your own business should be fun and rewarding. Sitting in the same chair or in the same coffee house can keep us from fresh thinking and new ideas. Taking a break from your day-to-day responsibilities to attend Retreat allows for a change of scenery where developing new ideas to grow your business is encouraged.

      What better scenery than the Margaritaville Beach Resort in Hollywood, FL? Check out the photo gallery here.


  1. Rooftop Reception and Dinner on a Yacht, with open bar

    Free meals and drinks. Need I say more?



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